Monday, January 26, 2009

mise en place

I've decided that before I can create more adventures, I need to weigh things out and get everything in order.

So I'm 30 and loving it however, I need to get my 'mise en place.' I need to prep myself before I can successfully move forward in this industry. Last year, I made some goals. Entering the culinary world was one of them. Well here I am. As of November 14, 2008 I have been inducted into the culinary world. I was hired as a Pastry Prep Cook. It has been, one of my proudest moments (fromageux, je sais). I only work in the kitchen part time on the weekends for now and I am absolutely enjoying it!

I have already started my 'mise.' I am almost done my baking certificate and I own a Kitchen Aide...a red one for that matter (if nothing, at least I'll look good standing next to it - red is a good colour for me). Working in the pastry department, even if only part time is part of it too. I want to learn. I am keen and eager to learn from these talented chefs I work along side. I hate making mistakes. It frustrates me but I believe that some mistakes are meant to happen. They act as a guideline of what not to do, so long as you learn from them. I've already made some mistakes in the kitchen and you can be sure as hell that I will not do those things again! I want more experience baking.

Should I enroll in more professional patissier classes? Should I leave my cushie and uninspiring 9-5 job to do this full time? Or maybe I can work several part time pastry jobs? I figured if I blogged, I would be able to think out loud and track my progress.

I need to plan out my year. I need to set new goals. I need to put things in place. I need to get my mise on!


  1. I've always wanted to start my own blog but never got around to doing so. I see it - you are off to a good start. Putting your thoughts out there is a good way of making one's self accountable - since there is always some smart a** out there keeping tabs on ya and ensuring that you live up to your word.

    Wishing you wounds (badges of honour in the culinary world), mistakes to learn from, trysts with talented chefs, mouth watering discoveries, and exciting adventures in the kitchen that you can share with your biggest fans.

    Get your mise on!

    -One Hungry Bitch-

  2. I agree -One Hungry Bitch-,

    We came from generations of bakers and cooks from both sides of the family. How lucky are we that we truly enjoy food.

    I'm so proud of you Sam! Continue your dedication, work hard, take risks and remember your dream! There's going to be some downs with all the ups, but that's alright...That makes life interesting too!


  3. Yo yo!
    I have been big a fan of Sam's baking for awhile now. She makes yummy desserts.
    Wishing you all the best with your baking adventures to come, who know where it will take you.
    Props to you Chef Sam!!

    "The doctor is in..."

  4. keep going sammy, I'll always be there on the other end of the phone if you need anything. MWA! good work hunny

  5. Follow your heart and dreams Sam!

    I'm so proud of you! You're awesome and you are absolutely on the right path. You have a love for this, and for doing it the best possible. Being frustrated when it doesn't turn out right is the mark of someone who will excel! Nothing worth doing well comes without stumbling to get there. That's the best way to learn!

    You go girl!