Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I did what I kept saying I would do. I took action for a major change in my life. I have decided that I would commit to my passion and put in a fair effort towards what I really want to do.

Today I submitted my letter of resignation to my office job. Who knew that just seven sentences could bring peace in my mind. Who knew that the same seven sentences could bring an anxious excitement for the future. Who knew?

Why would one leave a decent paying job with benefits and perks for a job in an industry that is physically demanding, inviting a lifestyle that is far different from your nine to five. I have been talking about leaving this job for a while now, partially because I was unhappy there, and partially because my passion laid elsewhere. I suppose that even if I was happy at that job I would have left anyhow as passion, in life and love, steers one in making decisions that can be risky and put one in a vulnerable state.

I found my passion. It took a while but I found it and it feels right. I can't tell you how right it felt to hand in that letter today.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I miss it

I went from going full speed to 0. I haven't worked in the kitchen in a while. It has been 3 weeks now. It's been slow and my hours are cut.

At first it was ok, I needed a bit of a break as I was working way too much between the two jobs. I probably could have done with a week off. Now, it is devastating. I can be dramatic at times, sure, but it is. I miss the kitchen. I miss baking and plating and watching and waiting and listening. I miss the physicalness of the tasks and the heat in the kitchen. I miss the industrial size equipment and the huge boxes of butter and jugs of vanilla. I even miss the annoying buzz of the ovens.

What to do....hmmm....

My best friend is in town for a bit so I've been hanging out with her, that's a plus. I've also been able to cook more at home, that's kinda nice too. Sleep has been more consistent and I have been able to put on make up and get my nails done. I haven't had nail polish on since before November. I miss that, but I'd give up nail polish any day to bake. I'd also compromise sleep too.

I can't wait until things get busier.

In the mean time, here's a picture of a meal I made. Baked salmon with parsley and lemon, and broccoli and mushroom with garlic and butter. Yummmmy!