Friday, July 17, 2009

I miss it

I went from going full speed to 0. I haven't worked in the kitchen in a while. It has been 3 weeks now. It's been slow and my hours are cut.

At first it was ok, I needed a bit of a break as I was working way too much between the two jobs. I probably could have done with a week off. Now, it is devastating. I can be dramatic at times, sure, but it is. I miss the kitchen. I miss baking and plating and watching and waiting and listening. I miss the physicalness of the tasks and the heat in the kitchen. I miss the industrial size equipment and the huge boxes of butter and jugs of vanilla. I even miss the annoying buzz of the ovens.

What to do....hmmm....

My best friend is in town for a bit so I've been hanging out with her, that's a plus. I've also been able to cook more at home, that's kinda nice too. Sleep has been more consistent and I have been able to put on make up and get my nails done. I haven't had nail polish on since before November. I miss that, but I'd give up nail polish any day to bake. I'd also compromise sleep too.

I can't wait until things get busier.

In the mean time, here's a picture of a meal I made. Baked salmon with parsley and lemon, and broccoli and mushroom with garlic and butter. Yummmmy!


  1. i thought I was your bestfriend?????




  2. I thought you only smd? I had a piece of that fish and it was wonderful. Samy is the best pastry artist i know. She also cooks really well too. Don't you worry! I'm sure you next blog will be about how you wish you were able to get some sleep. Business will pick up soon.


  3. How come you didn't share that with me??
    I'm with K, don't worry you'll be back in no time.
    Yo, next time you better hook up some of that pish or I'll throw the ball at your nose.