Saturday, September 12, 2009


What the f*ck? Can someone please explain to me why our pot holders/oven mitts have sl*ts and ho*es in them? I'm sure it's not to hang them as the sl*ts are big enough that you can stick your whole arm through them. Seriously? Why?

Ok, I know they are there and I am usually pretty careful about positioning the ho*es so my hands are not exposed, but come on! When you are trying to flip 10 trays of cookies quickly so that they don't's bound to move. You're most likely not going to notice until you feel the sizzle in your brain that tells you it's too late "you are holding on to a hot tray with your bare thumb." It happens. It happened. Looking down I saw my fingers all neatly and safely tucked under the oven mitt as my thumb peeped through the ho*e, gripping on to the tray. Mother f*cker....that hurt.

I tried not to scream but man that hurt. In the kitchen world, these things are child's play. It's like what paper cuts are to an office worker, but trust me, the pain is much more severe.

Anyhow, as I flipped the last tray of cookies around, thinking of how I was going to run into the freezer and hold onto a pork chop to ease the pain, my forearm was seared by the oven rack. How nice. Can't blame that one on any sl*ts or ho*es.

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