Thursday, November 5, 2009

Down and Up-dates

It's November, I know. I haven't written in a very long time. Things have happened. Here's my update:

  • Quit my office job
  • Had high hopes for a very busy fall in the kitchen, as was suggested by my chef, but it wasn't as busy as everyone anticipated
  • Was working part time...meaning 1-2 shifts a week, sometimes 3
  • Cleaned my room, de-cluttered
  • Packed my cook books, getting ready to move
  • Had way too much time on my hands but it was ok since I needed a bit of a break, plus, my bff is back in town so we spent some good QT and catch-up (meaning video games, food and drinks)
  • Tried to save money and not spend too much
  • Started my last two classes for my Baking Certificate: Breakfast Breads and Cakes: Classical to Modern
  • Bored...getting lazy
  • Looked for another job
  • Did a stage in the Distillery District

  • Volunteered at a couple of cool industry events
  • Worked a few days here and there
  • Getting more bored...lazier
  • Took a trip out to Chicago to visit my bffjmyobfb
  • Started to work 6:30 am shifts for a week and a half
  • Parties! Parties! Parties!
  • Started working at the Distillery District

November 1st to today

  • Splitting my time between both jobs and school
  • Learning a shit load of things
  • Loving both jobs and school
  • Circadian rhythm is all screwed up, tired
  • Bags under my eyes, feet hurt
  • Face hurts from smiling too much
  • ....but happy and excited for all things to come!

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  1. omg i'm your biggest fan i'll follow you until you love me papa papa roti!