Friday, May 7, 2010

Kings of Pastry

I participated in a showpiece for the launch party of a Hot Doc Documentary called Kings of Pastry.  Chef Christophe Measson along with Chef Christian, students and former students of GB (including myself) worked on a 'Paris' scene made out of sugar, gingerbread, marzipan and royal icing.

I made a cheese boutique, complete with some wine, preserves, grapes, lavender, and even a mouse!

Here are more photos:

Le Tour Eiffel and L'Arc de Triomphe made out of sugar


MY Fromagerie, Le Fruiterie de Muriel, Cafe, Chanel Boutique, Gallerie, Jimmy Choo Boutique, Boutique de Marriage, Fleuriste and Boulangerie.

At the event we were making marzipan flowers and pulling sugar for demos.  Here are some pics before and during the event.

Me and Ma Fromagerie 

Here are some close ups of my work.  It was all very tiny.  To get an idea of the size, look at the picture above with me behind it.  All the detailing was made purely out of coloured marzipan and the only places I used food colouring to paint was on the signs and the centres of the daisies.  The structure was made of gingerbread and the window panes were made from a gelatin leaf. 

Can you recognize some of the cheese?  Some I just made up, others mimic my favorite cheese and some are cheese that we use in the workplace.  I really love my Brie that's cut open and melting :)

This took over 20 hours, but I loved every minute of it!  Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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