Friday, May 8, 2009

at your service...

Tonight I worked my first night at the restaurant. When Chef called me this afternoon I thought that I was needed to work an event at the banquet kitchen again.

I was a bit nervous and he could tell. The restaurant was full and there were a couple of parties going on. It was one of their busiest nights. The kitchen at the restaurant is an open concept where by all the guests seated around can see you and everything you do. Oh geez....I was kind of feeling a bit of stage fright. Again, being in a new environment I felt uncoordinated. Even though Chef showed me where everything was I still needed some time to get into the groove of things. That kitchen is a hell of a lot smaller than the production kitchen in which I work. The restaurant's pastry station is in the corner, big enough to take one step back and one to the side. That's it. I was responsible for five desserts and the cheese platter. I had some help but FRANKly, I think I did a good job! It was a nice feeling to have Chef trust me to be there. He also asked me to work tomorrow night. I cannot wait.

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