Tuesday, November 24, 2009

taking it off

I'm taking it off. One day next week.

I need a day off. It can't come quick enough. I'm tired but please, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am loving waking up everyday and having to go to work. What a feeling. Even though some days at work are good, some are bad, some are challenging, all are rewarding to me.

I need a day off. Not really cuz I want one, but because I know I need one. I'm getting cranky a little bit...sorry to those who I've been cranky towards. You probably deserved it anyway but I would have normally bit my tongue.

I need a day off. Just one. If I have more than one I would probably go crazy and die of boredom. And I would suffer from baking withdrawal.

The last couple of weeks have been insane. So lovely! The old job is great as always, getting busier and busier. The new job is busy busy busy. If only I had more days in the week I would work full time at both places and enjoy one day off.